10 Reasons I Love My Minling Pan Studio Saddlebag Purse

Guest post by Maddie Monroe

Before the Holidays, I picked up a new Saddlebag purse from Minling Studio’s. Having carried it for a few months, here are the 10 Reasons I love this bag!

Minling Pan Studio
My Saddlebag Purse…
  1. It’s stunning. Buttery leather, shiny gold zipper accents, soft curved shape, almost invisible stitching, rich orange-rust colour, elegant lining, (detachable) cross-body strap… need I go on?
  2. It’s unique. I like wearing something that’s a little different from your standard brand-heavy tote.
  3. I get tons of compliments (always brightens a day, doesn’t it?). Literally every time I wear it, at least one person asks me where I got it.
  4. Minling herself is incredibly knowledgeable, accessible and interesting, with an amazing work ethic. I’m proud to purchase items directly from a designer with whom I’ve made a personal connection, and whose philosophy I respect.
  5. The business is a family affair. Minling designs and creates samples here, and her family overseas helps her with production on a large scale. I love knowing that Minling controls every aspect of the design and production, and that my money is going to people who believe in the product they’re making.
  6. The pockets! Extra-deep zipped pocket in the back is big enough to fit my phone, keys, and Metropass. Perfect easy access for the city girl on the go.
  7. The creative mind behind the design. Minling has a wide selection of purses, and she draws inspiration from everything she sees. She even made a clutch that was inspired by Candy Crush!
  8. It’s an incredible value for the quality – only $139! Compare that with approximately $300 for a Michael Kors bag of a similar shape, or a $500 design by Marc Jacobs. (And, to be honest, I have several Michael Kors bags, and the quality of my Min bag equals if not surpasses them!)
  9. I’ve worn it to tons of different events and places, and I’ve always felt like it’s the perfect accent to my look. It’s polished without being stuffy, and stylish without being trendy. A bag like this can go from the office to a restaurant opening to a late Sunday brunch without looking out of place.
  10. It can fit my phone, iPad mini, habitual 8 lipsticks, wallet, keys, gloves, hand cream, tic tacs, and emergency stash of candy without looking bulky or getting uncomfortably heavy. What else could a girl need?!
Minling’s newer label, Min, has purses ranging from studded evening bags to cologne bottle-inspired clutches in pastel colours to fashionably utilitarian 2-in-1 numbers that hide a sassy leopard soft bag inside a structured black tote. There’s a bag for every style or occasion, from date night to business chic to daily life. Min’s Candy Crush-inspired jewelled leather clutch was even recently featured on CityLine as a top item to finish off that fabulous holiday party look!
Minling Pan Studio
Cologne style clutch
If you’re looking for something that’s locally-designed and beautifully in fashion check out Minling Pan Studios at mindesign.caor drop by her studio store at 2772 Dufferin St! Prices range from $89 – $179.

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