$100 Giveaway and Great Spring Savings from Retail Me Not

With April officially here, I found myself trolling the interweb for new spring finds. There really is something about some warmth in the air that makes me want to refresh-am I right?

Obviously, still being on mat leave (and just being myself) everything I do has to garner the most bang for my buck. Also, most of my shopping happens online. There are too many moving pieces now that getting into  a store is hard work!

Although most retailers are onto the online trend and tend to provide great discounts for e-mail subscribers, sites like Ebates and Retail Me Not take your savings one step further.

Knowing I’m a fan of online shopping, Retail Me Not asked me to participate in their #RMNChallenge! The goal was to save as much money as I could buying through Retail Me Not. So what did I do?

First I took inventory of what we needed in the house. Savvy Sidekick’s birthday is coming up and baby B is growing like a weed so I knew I was going to be buying for those two.

I jumped on Retail Me Not to check out what stores they had discounts at. Retail Me Not has been in the US for a while but has recently come to Canada. They offer exclusive coupons (both online and instore) on their site. All the coupons in one place!

Retail me Not

Luckily, they had great deals at Carters (for the little dude) and Amazon for the big guy.

I clicked through to get the coupon codes on Retail Me Not and then drove myself to Amazon and Carters. I bought headphones for Savvy Sidekick and a ton of cloths for the little guy. My total with sale merchandise as well as Retail me Not codes was $174.17. That sounds like alot but the regular price of al this stuff was $277 so the total saved was $102.83 or about 50%!

With Good Friday here, I know alot of people are getting ready for the weekend or just taking a much needed break and doing a little perusing online! To help with that break, Retail Me Not has given me $100 to giveaway to one lucky reader! All you need to do is like this post on FB and you’re entered to win. We’ll pull the winner next Tuesday!

Good Luck!

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