20 Things That Make A Great Female Leader

Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by. Which is why when the Women In Leadership Conference reaches out with an uplifting event hosted by TD Bank-you go.

The most recent event was held at the Royal York. It featured 3 panelists who spoke about the challenges women in leadership face and how they manage to keep all the balls in the air. At the end of the panel, I had accumulated 20 tips that make a great female leader:

  1. They are authentic
  2. They embrace their different style of leadership from men and they own it. They are more inclusive and about achieving consensus with their team. But…
  3. When they have to make difficult decisions, they can. They don’t like to make them, but they can do it when they need too
  4. They find people similar to them and surround themselves with empowering uplifting women. All of these people together help to build each other up and achieve their goals
  5. They stay 1 step ahead. They know they are still competing with men and so they always bring their A game
  6. They are not afraid to ask for what they deserve to be paid. They have done research in their field and know their worth
  7. They have a mentor or an advisory board or both!
  8. If they see a gap in their experience for a job, they don’t decline the job. They move ahead with confidence and learn on the job
  9. They practice confidence. They set small goals and as they achieve them, they build more and more confidence
  10. They read voraciously in order to add intelligently to all professional conversations
  11. They know how important their team is to them so they…
  12. Say thank you, set clear expectation, lift up their staff and they never ever throw a member of the team under the bus
  13. They look at an opportunity and think of it from the other person’s perspective. Their first thought is “What will it take for them to say yes” and they temper their interaction accordingly
  14. They don’t believe in work/life balance. More like work life juggling. They make conscious choices to either put their family or their career first depending on what their life requires at that time
  15. They believe you can have it all…you just can’t have it all at the same time
  16. They are comfortable with drawing lines in the sand when it comes to their schedule
  17. They always give first when it comes to their network of people. They give birthday cards, send relevant articles and keep these people in mind. That way in future when they need something, they can draw on the bank of “niceness” they have deposited
  18. They all have these traits in common: Ability to listen and connect and an openness to change and flex
  19. They have substance. They know confidence without substance will leave you found out!
  20. At the end of it all, they are “tempered radicals”. They influence without creating alot of noise. They are patient, persistent and persuasive ultimately getting to their goal without people even knowing it happened!

If you’d like to attend a future event, check out their site to see what’s coming up!

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