4 Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Dollar

Having a kid combined with working at home means my grocery bill has sky-rocketed in the last few months. At first I thought it was a phase so I didn’t really pay much attention. However, once it persisted for more than a few weeks, I realized we had to do something. Otherwise we were going to be food poor, and fast!

We tried a few things and settled on these 4 ways to stretch your grocery dollar

  1. Grocery Store Aps: I’m privy to PC Points but you can use whatever grocery ap that’s closest to you. So far in doing all of our shopping at Loblaws and affiliates spot, we’ve been able to amalgamate our shopping and rack up the points. Better believe come Christmas we’re cashing in all those points to get free groceries!
  2. Price Matching: I love price matching. Seriously love it. However, I don’t have the time or energy to go through flyers. What I do have time for is scrolling through my Flipp ap. Flipp is an ap that amalgamates all the flyers in your area. In it, you’re able to select and store clipping from various flyers, search for key items across multiple flyers and pull them up when you’re in the store checking out. Voila! Price matching in 2015!
  3. Fridge Review: Every week before we shop we do a quick fridge review. Clean out what’s gone bad and double check what we need more of. This seems like such a simple thing but we didn’t do it first. We would just automatically buy the same things we did every week. That habit obviously lent itself to serious amounts of wasted food. Once we started reviewing our groceries before we shopped, we were able to cut down on our food waste which cut down on our grocery bills!
  4. Sale Sale Sale: There are always items you need in your house. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towel. You never stop needing these things which is why they’re fantastic to buy in bulk. If you’re not a Costco member then keep an eye out for when these things go on sale. Buy in bulk, store in your house and enjoy the savings. I know I do!

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