5 Ways to Balance the Balls When Things Get Crazy

I started this year by having direction for this blog. We’d talk about being a working parent, balancing the budget, and living life with a young family. And we still are. But the thing about living life with a young family, managing a business and balancing the budget is it’s incredibly hard to find time for this little blog.

But I love it so for those who are still reading- thanks.

In the last month, I’ve hired 2 new staff, we had some unforeseen stresses at home, my CEO came to town, the little dude found a voice and started talking a bit more…and I’ve maintained my sanity. Well…for the most part.

Of course, all of this has lead me to find some ways to cope. Below are my 5 ways to balance the balls when things get crazy:

  1. Keep your me time – Although it’s incredibly hard to maintain the me time when things get crazy -find it where you can. Hire a baby sitter, ask your family for help – do whatever you need to find some time. even 30 minutes is pertinent. My time right now is catching up on Scandal…really Olivia Pope is my goal in life!
  2. Talk to your other – If you’re in a relationship communication is key, especially when things get crazy. Find time to talk, be present and ask questions…then ask more questions. When things get crazy, it’s very easy to just buckle down and get things done…but if you hole up-it makes it very difficult to connect when things settle down again. So talk. Just do it.
  3. Write things down – I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my Samsung Galaxy. I know I used to carry around a date book before I had a phone but now I take pictures, do my banking, replacing things for the kiddo via Amazon…and generally just reminding myself of things.
  4. Exercise – Find time to run, do yoga, hit the gym-whatever it is you need to do try and expend some energy. When you get stressed, it all builds up in your shoulders, lower back or wherever you hold stress. Exercise and release a bit…it’ll help with the next point
  5. Let go – There will be so many things you can’t control when things go crazy. If you’re a Type A like me, letting go is hard so I consciously start the day by telling myself to let go. I also prep for crazy so when things continue to go nuts…at least I’ve already set the expectation!

How do you cope when things go nuts?

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