6 Ways to Simplify Your Wardrobe

I love clothes. I do. I love them.

But I love having time more. Which means my 6 ways to simplify my wardrobe is in effect. All. The. Time. Everything needs to be simple, curated and accessible. I do not have time to try on multiple outfits in a morning, nor do I have time to see if something “might” work for me or try and “style” something differently. It just isn’t going to happen.

But I do manage to look pulled together. That’s because my closet is WAY smaller than most. I choose to have fewer items so I know everything I pull out is going to work and work fast. Here are the 6 ways I simplify my wardrobe:

  1. Ensure everything fits: Seems simple but let’s be honest-we’ve all got a few pieces we think we’re definitely going to fit back into one day. And we’re not. Get rid of those pieces or if you must, pack them in a box and store away until you’re ready. The worst is having a closet with clothes that don’t fit. If you’re in a rush and you grab something that doesn’t fit-you’re uncomfortable all day! Or you end up making a mess in the morning trying on all kinds of other clothes. Just get rid of the stuff and doesn’t fit.
  2. Ensure everything is clean: I have a kid so this one rings very true. If it’s dirty when you wear it-put it in the wash right away. If it needs to be dry cleaned-don’t put it back and if it’s stained beyond repiar-get rid of it.
  3. Have one style night every 2 months: We all our standard outfits but if you take the time to go through your closet and pair in un-expected ways-you’ll find you have more than enough clothes. One night every few months, sit down with some wine, scroll through instagram and pinterest, get some inspiration and try on your clothes. By creating outfits ahead of time, you’ll save time in the mornings because you’ll know what already goes together!
  4. Be Discerning. I mean really discerning: This one if tough. You likely have a few things you own that you love. You love the colour of or the style of but when you put it on, you know it just isn’t quite right. Maybe you look washed out, maybe it bunches weird, but you love the peice so much! Get rid of it or donate it to a friend. Having these maybe pieces doesn’t do your closet space any favours and it certainly won’t make you feel good if you’re getting ready in a hurry. Be discerning and really decide if something makes you look good or not.
  5. Ask for an opinion: Further to the above point, sometimes there are things you love so much that you just need someone else to tell you it doesn’t work. I put on a full skirt the other day, tried to style it and couldn’t quite get there. I looked at the hubs and said” this doesn’t work right?” Luckily, my fashion savvy beau said “it’s a nice peice but does nothing for your height”. And I knew…I knew this skirt I loved so dearly just had to go. I had known for a few years that every time I put it on I didn’t feel like myself but the cincher was the hubs honest opinion. Get an opinion
  6. Try and see everything: This is a big one. You don’t need a bigger closest, you need less clothes. Trust me-smaller closet means less money spent on wasted items! Try and arrange your closet so you can see everything. This may mean installing some hanging shelves, getting  shoe rack or garment rack but do what you can to see everything. It’ll do wonders when you’re standing in front of your closet in the morning-all outfit options an arms length away.


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