Amazon Prime: A Review – To Member or Not to Member

In the last 6 weeks, I’ve been on 6 flights, saw 2 seasons (Fall and winter) in 3 days, forgotten what day it was, forgotten what month it was, and tried to keep my kid from forgetting who I am as I come and go. Although I have tons of help at home, my nanny is fantastic and my husband is amazing, there are just some things that as a mom you need to stay on top of.

Baby snacks, diapers, paper towel, dog food – these are the things that just are in the cupboard. They never run out because, as far as most people think, there is a leprechaun who refreshes these things when the doors closes.  At night, he drags up a 50lb pound of dog food and voila-the dog doesn’t go hungry!

Secrets out of the bag. My leprechaun is Amazon Prime. For $79 a year, my leprechaun can be accessed from anywhere in the world off my phone. Once a week or once every two weeks, I click for paper towel, diapers and dog food. Large items I hate buying and lugging through the grocery store are delivered to my door!

Amazon Prime

And it’s not only for large items! Amazon Prime works for all the little things I need but just don’t have time to run out and buy. A cover for my tablet, earplugs and an eye mask for traveling, hair pins, you name it-I’m using that one “click to buy” button on my phone regularly. I think of it-I buy it and forget about it until it’s delivered to my door.

Amazon Prime is my secret for keeping it together…or at least looking like I do.

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