And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programing


I didn’t forget about you I swear. Every week for the past 7 weeks, I would think about you. I would think about this blog and how I needed to get back to you. And then something else would take precedent.

Something always does.

And today, I finally found myself sitting for a just moment and thought maybe I should catch you up.

Big shocker here, it’s been a bit nutty. The last post I wrote was all about “how to balance the balls”. Ha! Guess I didn’t do that too well. I forgot to include, sometimes when things get nutty-say no and hunker down. That’s generally my MO. While I was hunkering I kept thinking-I don’t even know what to say! What do I do? How do I explain why I haven’t written – and then more time would go by…

But you know what? I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry even a little bit.

I’m not sorry because I don’t have any F@#ks to give. It’s not that I don’t love you, I do. It’s just I have an allocated amount of F#*ks and they go kid, husband, work, health and a little bit of self preservation. When it comes down to it-you gotta do what you need to get through and for me-that meant putting y’all on hold for a bit.

Why have you been on hold? Well, running a business and managing new employees is tough. Having a kid under 2 at home? Also tough. Travelling for work and ensuring everything is covered…tough. Getting sick…like really sick and still needing to show up? Tough.  And staying in love with the person you married through it all – tough. But I’m back now. Well at least I say I am.

So I’ll see you again in a few days.


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