Ask For Help – What the VP of Wealth Management at TD Taught Me

I was lucky enough to be asked to attend an event last week from TD’s speaker series “Your Story, Your Future” with the keynote speaker, Cheryl Strayed of the blockbuster movie and book, Wild.

The “Your Story, Your Future” events are different. One would assume a bank’s events would focus solely on money literacy but these events, by focusing not on money and more on your whole life, actually get you thinking about money! The events don’t talk down to you, they don’t make you walk away with the 10 key things you must do, but they do encourage you (through generally a very motivating speaker) to think about your future and where you want to go.

Kim Parlee TD Bank

For me? I find looking for professional woman examples difficult in Canada. However, every time I go to one of these events, I get to see Kim Parlee, Vice President of TD Wealth Management, speak. Here is a woman who had an amazing career as a journalist, transitioned to her role of VP at TD, hosts this awesome initiative, maintains a huge social media presence and she’s a mom. She’s told me before when I’ve snagged her for coffee that being a mom and a professional woman is difficult but you need to get help. The number one thing you must learn to be successful is: Ask. For. Help.

Funny enough, I hadn’t really thought of Kim or our coffee encounter years ago. However, in examining the current state of my life, her advice stuck with me. When I had a kid, I was not shy about asking for help and inevitably getting a nanny so I could do more and continue to pursue my career dreams with less guilt.

We’ve all heard the tid-bit “ask for help” but it sounded different (and resonated differently) coming from Kim then it did coming from anything else I’d read or anyone else I’d listened to.

Cheryl had an amazing story. I’m sure many of have already read Wild. I’m sure her story of falling down, getting back up again, believing in yourself and riding the wave all resonate with someone, but personally I need a real life example. I need someone closed within reach. I mean Cheryl’s endorsed by Oprah (as Cheryl noted in her speech) which is amazing, but is likely not happening in my life.

So “Your Story, Your Future”? it’s about taking hold of your life. You’re the only one in charge of your destiny. So have the coffee, make the dollars, save the dollars and get there. Maybe you just need to ask for help?;)

Note: This post was generously sponsored by TD. All opinions and life stories are my own.


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