Balancing career, life and a family on a budget

They confiscated my $300 skin care line. The Orlando Airport confiscated my $300 skin care line and I was crying.

I was crying because I was 10 minutes away from missing my plane and being home to see my son and husband. How’d I get here?

Last week, I started my week in the office managing the day to day of my work life. I’m the Managing Director for a technology company that works in social media and content marketing. To say I like my job is an understatement. I LOVE my job. I’m in the lucky situation to love what I do, who I work with, and the people I report to. On Monday, I came home quickly, sneaked upstairs so my son and the nanny didn’t see me and collected my things. When my taxi came, I sneaked off to the airport.

Once I hit Orlando, where all of my international colleagues were gathered for the week of kick off meetings I was buzzing. I love the energy of being around smart people and deepening friendships with people you only communicate with via mobile. However, come Thursday night with my flight out early Friday morning I was done. Here in lies the difference. Whereas before I had a kid, I would have stayed out all Thursday night and postponed that flight until Friday afternoon to nurse my fun hangover. Now-I wanted out as early as possible.

Fast forward to me rushing through security on Friday morning only to realize I’ve cleared the wrong security line. Now I have to clear security on the other side of the airport with 30 minutes until my flight leaves. I won’t go into the details but it’s not a stretch to say the majority of Americans are “special” and they couldn’t convert Ml-ounces which left them completely confused with how I could get through with a travel pack from Pure & Simple of 100ml bottles.

And then I realized-$300 worth of skincare didn’t mean anything. I didn’t want to check that-I just wanted to get home. I left it there and ran for my plane.

Sitting in my seat after barely making my flight, I had my aha moment that this blog direction had to change. I haven’t posted all month-not because I didn’t want to-but because I just didn’t know what to write. I’m in a position now where sometimes-I’ll screw the budget if only to get something done quicker and more efficient. I still love a bargain but in that moment-I was willing to spend $300 again if only to get home and see my son.

So that’s it. This blog will always have a budget slant but going forward you will see more of a focus on balancing a high level career, family and your budget. I hope to see you around.

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