Berlin Bound!

As you read this I am landing in Berlin Germany. Random right? For a mom on mat leave with a 9 month old, why Berlin and why now?

Circumstance happened that brought Savvysidekick to Berlin. And although he was excited to go, he really didn’t want to be away from his new family so asked me to come. This was right when we had the little dude.

At the time, I couldn’t imagine being away from the little guy for a second. There’s something about a baby that you create- you just want to be around them. Hold them, smell them, love them. Yet, when the little guy was 5 months, I hesitantly booked the trip. I didn’t know how I’d do it and I knew if worst came to worst I could back out.

Fast forward to Baby B being 9 month old and I’m on a plane. Even a few weeks ago I was still worried about leaving but every parent I spoke to told me stories about how long it took them to get away without their kids after they were born. They also said, I should jump at the chance and enjoy the trip!  I knew Baby B would be safe with his grandma (she’d probably take better care of him then me) So here I am. On a plane.

It’s hard to be away from your kid but I think that spending time with your other, (whoever that is) is imperative. Without that other person you wouldn’t have the kid. Also, a million things will always come up as to why you can’t do something…if an opportunity presents itself-jump. Opportunity doesn’t stick around forever.

So how are we doing it?

Some emotional preservation to be away from the babe, a seat sale on KLM airlines, and a great rate via Air B’n’B. Couple that with not spending much money on mat leave, saving before we had B, and we’re in the black. To be honest, we don’t plan on spending much money on this trip-mainly just hanging out with each other after a whirlwind few years. Marriage, new house, baby, renovation….

The hope is to reconnect with the people we were before we had the little guy.  I know they’re in there somewhere, they just might be on a patio on a canal in Berlin.

See ya soon!

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