Berlin on a Budget

By on April 24, 2015
Berlin on a Budget

On day 5 of being in Berlin, I can safely say that should you not want to spend alot of money here…you really don’t have to.

Berlin is like any major city…it’s just way bigger. Not in the sense of people, Toronto is technically larger than Berlin. In a sense of size, Berlin is vast. They don’t have many skyscrapers and with multiple low lying building accommodating 3 million people, you can imagine that kind of sprawl. Picture a city united by transit with loads of little neighbourhoods but encompassing the entire GTA. That’s what Berlin’s like.

So honestly, we’ve done a ton of walking. And walking is free.

Everyday we’ve bought an all day metro pass for 6 euro. We’ve mapped out what we want to see that day which basically involves getting off at that metro stop and taking in the sights. Once we see what we wanted, we move onto the next sight!

Food has been incredibly reasonable here (under 10 euro for a giant meal) so we’re only eating 2 meals a day with small snacks in between. Combine that with the fact that we rented from Air B’nB so we have an apartment where on day one, we filled with snacks and I’m having a hard time going through euro.

Berlin on a Budget

This breakfast was only 8 euro! Croissant with ham and cheese, fruit, yogurt and granola and scrambled eggs!

Funny enough, I’m finding no need to shop. Normally, when I’m travelling I like to pick up a few things. What I’ve found here is everything I’d like to buy, I can get at home. I suppose thats globalization at it’s best but this girl just isn’t shopping much.

Finally, Berlin is home to a bunch of neighbourhoods that allow you to find your people. We went to the shopping district (Alexanderplatz and KaDaWe),

Berlin on a Budget

KaDeWe, the equivalent of Berlin’s Holt Renfrew

the hipster district (Mauer Park),

Berlin on a Budget

Mauer Park, built off the dividing remains of the Berlin Wal

the too cool for school district (Mulackstrabe).

Berlin on a Budget

Mulackstrabe-where the cool ids hang out

We also visited the yuppie parent district (Senfelderplatz)

Berlin on a Budget


and took in some history on Museum Island.

Berlin on a Budget

Museum Island

There’s the music scene and clubbing scene, so whatever you’re into-Berlin has got you covered. You can drop into the neighbourhood where you belong, have a (reasonably priced) coffee, and enjoy some people watching. Total bill, under 5 euro!

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