BMO #HelpGiven Campaign – Giving Back What You Need

If you look around you’ll notice a shift in the air. Banks have been doing alot of giving back.

They’re extending their hours, they’re expanding their service offerings and they are all going a bit further to make you the customer feel special. BMO’s recent #helpgiven campaign is a testament to this movement.

BMO surveyed their staff at branches to find a customer who they could give back to. They wanted to thank these people for their business. Through countless submissions they found Arash. A young man who manages a restaurant in Toronto, by himself…7 days a week. Arash has never had a day off and in a twist of fate, had hurt his knee recently and was asked by his doctor to take time off. Here comes BMO…

The staff stepped in to not only manage Arash’s restaurant while he had the day off, but they also enlisted the banks customers and friends to be additional patrons of the day ensuring Arash had his most successful day of business ever! During this day off, Arash was treated to a hotel stay in Toronto with plenty of rest and relaxation.

Here’s the video. It certainly made me tear up…

At banks, giving back is now the name of the game. If you’re not getting the kind of service you want or need, go somewhere else! I know I did and have been better for it. Who knows? You could be next in the #helpgiven BMO movement:)

*Although this post was sponsored by BMO, the thoughts and views are my own

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