How Busy Moms Can Save More Time

With one kid, another on the way (yes you heard that right) a full time career and the goal of not losing myself in the process, I am constantly looking for ways to save more time.

I’ve come up with a myriad of solutions over the last few years including

  • Blocking and scheduling out my time. I did this exercise a few months ago to see where I was spending my time and came up with the fact I had more time than I thought. Bonus! That allowed me to start looking to connecting with friends more which I am sorely lacking.
  • Registering for Online Bills: If we can register for bills online and have them automatically deducted from our credit card, we do that. For one, we get great credit card points this way. On the other hand we don’t have to remember to pay them as they’re always deducted! Toronto Hydro has recently added the ability to register for bills online. I recommend if you haven’t already, register for their online billing here. They’re even running a promo right now where every registrant is entered to win a free dishwasher. Likewise anyone who signs up get a free Cascade Platinum pack
  • Doing anything I can online: Literally, anything I can have delivered to my house, I will. I have lots of resources I use for online shopping but my preferred method is being an Amazon Prime member. This cost me $70 annually but guarantees me free shipping throughout the year. We buy everything from toys, to diapers, garbage bags and toilet paper on Amazon. Likewise, as a Prime Member I find if something goes amiss, Amazon Customer Service gives me preferential treatment. Case in point, I had a rug delivered to my house and because it was in rough shape, I would normally have to return it. Because I’m, carrying baby 2 I called them and within a month they just credited my account-no return needed.
  • In Home Services: Because I work in a professional setting and am always meeting client I find having my nails done is really important to my overall feeling of being put together. My friend recently started an in home manicure business where she comes to your house to do a gel mani. This has been a lifesaver for me as I can still feel put together while not having to worry about what to do with my kid! He can play in the family room while I sit at the dining room table, catch up with my friend and get my nails done!

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