How You Can Earn Free Leafs Games tickets

Tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game are astronomically expensive. Unfortunately this often doesn’t allow true fans to get out an enjoy games because the price is just too high! Knowing this, Ford Canada has partnered with the Toronto Maple Leafs to award 200 tickets for every home game to real fans “who go further”.


You heard me. All you need to do is follow @TheFordFanatic on Twitter. Behind this handle is Sarah. A Leafs fan for life,  we caught up with Sarah to ask her a few questions:

What do you think of the this initiative to make tickets available to true fans?

When I first heard of this initiative, I was completely blown away. Before I started on this program with Ford, I had only been to a handful of Leafs games previously, and I always had to rely on friends who had season tickets and knew I’d be fun to take along! This program has given so many true fans the opportunity to finally see their beloved team play. I think it’s wonderful. 

Why do you think it has taken so long to make something like this possible?

I don’t feel like it has really taken so long, so much as; how could anyone even think about doing something this huge?! A Toronto Maple Leafs ticket is consistently the hottest ticket in town, so to even dream of giving away that many to each and every game is truly incredible. It’s so fun to be able to see so many true blue fans have a dedicated space just for them in the Ford Fan Deck too; you know everyone is going to be wearing the right colours!  The partnership between Ford and the Toronto Maple Leafs is a long one and this part of it is such a wonderful way to give back to the fans that have been giving so much for so many years.

What are you looking for fans to do/say/tweet in order to show how much of a true fan they really are and win a pair of tickets?

As the Ford Fanatic, I give weekly online challenges on Facebook and Twitter (@thefordfanatic) to give fans the chance to prove just how far they’ll go in order to earn their tickets. No one ever “wins” tickets, you have to earn them! That said, we’re really trying to spread the word and find, engage with, and reward as many true fans as we can this season, so the challenges are really about simply proving that you bleed blue. I read every tweet and Facebook comment sent to me, and I try to read followers previous tweets too, to make sure you’re living up to your “die-hard Leafs fan” persona.

So there you have it! If you’re interested in winning tickets to a Leafs game (and who isn’t) follow Sarah @TheFordFanatic. You’ll be glad you did!


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