Caryl Baker Visage: Fall Product Review

By on October 7, 2015
Carol Baker Visage Fall Review

I have a special place in my heart for Caryl Baker Visage. When I turned 13, a close friend of the family bought me a “make up application tutorial” from Caryl Baker visage-it was the best gift someone could have given me.

Up to that point, I had experimented with make up bought from the drug store or “borrowed” from my mom. Obviously, I didn’t know what I was doing and recall more than a few times, coming downstairs to my mother’s horrified face. Apparently, my skin tone was not “fair” and putting the wrong colour powder all over your face, did not a pretty picture make. My tutorial from Caryl Baker Visage was vital to me making less make up mistakes throughout my teens. Much of what I learned has stayed with me. 20 years later, I still recall how to use a brush, apply bronzer and put on eye liner.

Carol Baker Visage Fall  Review

Looking au natural

When I received the fall line up from Caryl Baker, I was thrilled. I’m not a big “step out of the box” when it comes to make up kind of person but if it comes to my door-brilliant. I was sent 2 lipsticks, 3 eye shadows and a blush. When I finally started using them, I couldn’t believe the quality. The products are smooth and have great staying power (8 hours + without a touch up). The colours are incredibly flattering for my olive skin and the lipstick don’t tend to dry out lips. Plus the lipstick has a little mirror built in. A fun feature, I have actually used this little mirror quite a bit.

The line up is available in stores right now and certainly worth it should you be looking for some new fall additions to your make up repertoire.

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    Coronel, a Caixa tá injetando milhões e milhões no Corinthians só porque o cachaceiro assim o quer! Será que esse clube não consegue um paadnciotror da iniciativa privada???!

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