Happy Mother’s Day To all The Moms

When I  was younger, a friend of mine would always write Mother’s Day cards to all the moms she knew in her life. This included aunts, moms, grandma’s and friends mother’s. Her thought was all these moms impacted her life so why not honour them all?

As I said, it was a beautiful thought which I then set aside in my mind for something I would do later…after I called my own mom.

The thing about my friends strategy for honouring all moms is a I never truly understood it until I became a mom. After becoming a mom, I was inducted into a club I didn’t know existed nor did I know if I wanted to be a part of! Late nights, tantrums, and wars with mini dictators and diaper blow outs (thanks #pampersUS  and#1choiceofmoms for keeping us clean #ad) were never high on my list of things I’d like to do after work. Thing is, when these days rolled around the only other people I could reach out to who knew what I was going through were moms. I would text, e-mail or call these other groupies and lament about my day. And when I’d had just too much- I would call my own mom, grandma or aunt to help relieve me of said tiny dictator.

On the flip side, I also didn’t know being a mom meant coming home to someone who was so excited they would literally shake. Their tiny arms wrapped around your neck could be the best place in the world and the questions “mom, do you want to sit with me” could be better than someone saying you won a million dollars. Of course when these moments arise, the only people who can relate are other moms.

So this Mother’s Day, my friends strategy is ringing a little louder. Knowing how I couldn’t make it through this life without the others moms in my life means this Sunday – if you’re a mom, you’ll likely be hearing from me. A quick thank you for understanding, being there, and hanging out in this club with me.



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