Here is Where We Stand….

I feel like every few months I come out with a “and we’re going in a new direction post”… so this

isn’t that…

I haven’t posted in 4 months. It’s not that nothing was happening, trust me – loads was happening. I just didn’t have the desire to write. You go through phases as an adult, phases where you’re growing, changing and maybe morphing into a slightly different (hopefully better) version of yourself. Personally, I’ve never been an over-sharer. Funny given that fact that I write a blog, but – when I’m working through stuff I tend to shell inward.

The nice thing about carving out space for yourself on the internet is that you have a mirror should you want to reflect.  So I didn’t even know I was working through stuff until I logged back into this ghost town of a blog and checked in

Anyone still here?

Turns out, I’ve figured out a few things while I wasn’t online:

  • How to work and have a toddler
  • How to be a manager at work and a mom at home
  • How to style yourself 24/7 so you look like you have your shit together
  • Best places to get curly hair cut in Toronto
  • How to decorate a living room (and still be kid friendly)
  • How to decorate a kitchen (and still be kid friendly)
  • How to better yourself when you don’t have a lot of time
  • How as a manager your morale impacts the team…significantly

Also figured out that I’m never going to identify as an “influencer” – and I’m fine with that:) Because of the nature of my work in social marketing – I’m surrounded by influencer all the time. These people are constantly bettering themselves, working towards getting larger social followings and figuring out how to work best on different social mediums. Turns out, I really like writing! So you won’t see me anytime soon driving you to watch my video’s-they take far longer than I have to edit!

All that to say, I’m here. I’ve learned alot, have alot to share and will hopefully get back to writing consistently….well, don’t hedge your bets:)

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