How Do You Stay Motivated?

The thing about Monday Musings is it allows me a space to air some thoughts. Throughout the week, if those thoughts come up again, or if they come up via conversations with friends – I feel like it’s time to expand.

This one has been coming up ALOT.

How do you stay motivated?

Not like when everything is running smoothly-because F#ck, everyone can do that. I mean how do you stay motivated when you’ve been told no too many times? How do you stay motivated when you’ve got a sick kid? How do you stay motivated when you forgot to order/buy toilet paper, forgot to do the laundry, waited so long to fold it, it’s smelly again, forgot to get cash, went with dry shampoo one more day even though it really was time….I mean I can go on on and on, I’m sure you can too.

So how do you stay motivated? How do you live your best life when life is the thing that seems to get in the way?

You ready? It’s coming…

You just do.

I know. You wish there was a better secret there didn’t ya? Me too:)

Thing is I don’t know how you stay motivated when life gets in the way. But I can tell you how I do. I’ve honed a few tricks over the years to keep this train moving. When life gets in the way, I generally do the following things all the time to wrangle myself back.

  • I write down all the things I’m grateful for every morning. This is one of those Tony Robbins things…or my Dad things. I remember being a kid and waking up to my dad and his giant yellow legal pad. And he would be writing line after line of what he was grateful for. I now find myself doing the same thing…
  • I just keep smiling. No joke, I literally keep smiling because I know that if I keep doing it, I can trick myself into being really happy. And if I’m really happy, I inevitably get more done
  • I tell myself I’m awesome. I talk to myself alot, it’s how I work through things. But, when I’m falling off my radar I talk to myself and acknowledge all the stuff I’ve done and am doing. It’s so easy to forget how far you’ve come when things get down, so I try to remind myself.
  • I jump in the same spot repeatedly. I just do the shimmy shimmy shake. This isn’t a “do exercise, it’ll boost brain function” because everyone knows you’re supposed to do that. But when you are off kilter-exercising is hard. The shimmy shimmy shake…which looks something like this = awesome

Patrick Stewart Shimmy

  • I know at a quantitative level what I need to do to succeed. I work in sales so I know exactly how many outreaches I need to do daily to meet my quota. What that allows me to do is even when things are going sideways, I know if I keep doing the work (x number of phone calls, x number of meetings) things will turn around. I apply this to my life by quantifying things like eating right, meal planning, exercise. If I do X number of runs – I know I will feel better. I find if I just do them – inevitably, the motivation comes back.

So those are a few of my tips. Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering, that’s just it. Feel free to let me know what you do, I’m always looking for other tools!


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