How to Get Back Into Winter Running

I don’t know if I don’t like being too hot or exercising outside when it’s warm seems crazy to me but every time I get the urge to start a running program, it’s almost always when it’s cold outside! And let’s be clear-I’m never really sure when the mood will strike-but when it does, I take hold.

Apparently in the last few weeks, I’ve decided to get back into winter running. Who knew.

That being said, now that I’m throwing myself into running again, I’ve got a few tips for getting back on the wagon.

    • The playlist – the playlist is so key to get motivated. Personally, I love to kick off with Beyonce’s “Run The World. From there -figure out what works for you but Run the World is totally my kick off jam

  • Tracking – I’m inherently very competitive and so I need to know how I’m doing. I’ve download RunKeeper and it does a pretty good job of keeping track of how far I run and how long. It syncs with my FitBit which I like and best of all – it’s free!
  • The Gear – There is nothing fun about being cold so part of getting back into winter running is certainly the gear. As I mentioned before, because I only seem to start running programs when it’s cold outside I actually do have quite a bit of winter running gear.
    • I’ve had these mock neck’s from Under Armour for years and they are perfect for layering. They’re always my first layer because they’re warm and slim and from there, I can layer accordingly
    • If it’s really cold, I’l throw on my camp coat from Canada Goose. It’s very light and perfect for really cold runs
    • I have a Columbia Vest like this one that I think I’ve now had for 12 years-it’s perfect for -1 to 4 degree runs
    • Finally, I do use this neck warmer from lulu as well, as for me-if my neck is cold-I’m getting sick!
    • I did make a few new acquisitions this year.
      • My running tights were really old (we’re talking 8+ years) so I went to the LuluLemon We Made Too Much Section and bought the Sleet Sprinter Tight and theFirst Mile Tech tight (which are now sold out). Man have there been some advances made since I bought my tights 8 years ago! These 2 pairs of tights keep my legs super warm while running and they look cute! Bonus!

So those are my tips for getting back into winter running. Have a good playlist, track your runs and make sure you’re warm enough. Drop me a line if you feel like getting back into running-I’m always looking for a running buddy!

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