How To Stain Wood: A DIY Desk from Canadian Tire

In pulling together the final pieces of the new house, I keep looking to get creative with what we can to keep money on reserve for bigger projects.

One place I managed to save some dollars was on a DIY desk. I received a package of stain clothes from Canadian Tire and with an extra piece of wood from another project, decided to give making a desk a shot. After all, if it didn’t work out there was no extra money out of pocket!

In a bit of a happy accident, this is how the staining came out better than expected for the new DIY desk. A how to stain wood if you will…:)

Step 1:  Assemble Materials. In this case, it was just the piece of plywood needed to make into a desktop (since the bases were some old reclaimed filing cabinets), the package of stain clothes (from Minwax for $12.99), an additional pair of nitrile gloves, and some old interior wood stain (also sitting around the house from another project).

How to stain wood

Step 2:  Apply All-in-One Minwax from Cloth pack. Put your gloves on before opening the package, then, take one cloth, and starting from the middle of the wood, work the stain out to the edges of the wood. This will minimize drips off the edge, and it’s easier to get a more even look to the application – but, that’s only if you want an even application…

how to stain wood

Step 3: Apply a different (darker) interior water-based stain on top of the All-in-One Minwax stain. This is where a little Macgyver-ing came into play. The single stain cloth when applied looked a little like dull brown marker. The separate darker interior stain gave the wood grain more depth and let the sheen of the wax in the all in one stand out as it was streaked in various patterns across the wood. For the darker stain, we had some from another project, but Minwax makes a number of different water-based stains that would work well for this project – all that sell for around $10.99 from Canadian Tire.

How to stain wood
For extra flair, you can use a router to round the edge of the plywood wood to finish it off

Step 4: Install Desk! In this case the stained piece of plywood became a nice desktop just by sitting it on top of two old filing cabinets. And voila! A desk!

How to stain wood

how to stain wood
This is the final office. The desk on the left is the stained desk, the desk o the right was purchased. Crazy right?!



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