Ikea Console: The Perfect Workhorse

Finishing the renovation meant new furniture was in order. Not that we couldn’t make do with what we had, it’s just that we only had furniture for a 1 floor home and now we had doubled our space! Before moving in, we had grand plans for built ins and other custom work. Then reality set in and we realized we still had a ton of work to do so we had to look for alternatives.

We’d had this piece from Ikea for ages. We used one in our entry way and one in our office. These pieces are the perfect multi-tasker. Not only is there a lot of shelf space but Ikea makes custom baskets for these pieces that allow you to store junk while looking all put together.

So we went out and bought 2 more. We’re not the proud owner of 4 of these pieces! We’ve used them in our entry way, behind our couch and finally, beside the TV to booked end the fireplace. Butting them up against the fireplace allowed us to fill the space whilst making it look somewhat like built ins. The baskets are perfect for hiding kids toys and other random bits and bobs making our space look clean and put together. Our only issue is that with the open shelving, the little guy is on the move. He hasn’t grabbed for anything yet but only time will tell.

Ikea Console
The Ikea workhorse console – even with the dog bed in front of it:)


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