King East Becomes KEDD

Toronto is full of neighbourhoods.

Hipsters find their vibe in the west end along Ossington to Dundas. New parents push strollers in Leslieville while grabbing a latte and chatting with other new parents. Young professionals walk with purpose along the streets on King West, phone in hand, yoga bag on their back. It’s rare to find a spot in this city that isn’t branded by some neighbourhood vibe.

Enter King East

King East is beautiful. There’s the St. Lawrence Market, parks, and beautiful brownstone buildings. The area is saturated with furniture and interior design companies which sit in 3 story glass buildings allowing you to peer vicariously into their world. But, there’s no real neighbourhood feel. That’s about to change. As of this week, King East has rebranded to become KEDD. The King East Design District.

The revitalization kicked off last Saturday with a design event that saw artists showcasing video, art, and digital installations along the strip. Going forward, there will be more free festivals to take in, the community will be more active and you can likely expect to see those little street signs that hang from the street light changing to say KEDD.

If you want to take in some free culture as we move into fall, keep an eye on King East. After all, they’re trying to get your attention.




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