Living The Bonus Round: Is This Having It All?

My life is pretty fantastic. I often say I feel like I’m living the bonus round because I never thought I’d make it to the marriage and kids part. I always thought I’d be single and working and that would be that. And that was fine.

Now, I have a wonderful husband, healthy fun kid, great job doing exactly what I love. My clients are my friends and the business I speak about- it’s my hobby and what I do in my spare time. I literally have everything I could have ever dreamed of. And most of the time, it’s amazing.

But sometimes, like today – it’s lonely. I’m currently on a business trip in Vancouver on a ferry heading to the Sunshine coast. A ferry is a fun thing anytime but with a little one at home, all I can think of is how much fun he’d have if he was here. On a rainy day-all I’d like to do is curl up with the hubs on the couch.

When you have it all, it’s incredible, but there will always and forever be trade off’s. Doing well in business sometimes means more time away from the family. Putting your family first may mean potentially stepping back from your work. I was at a women in leadership luncheon a few years ago and at the time, the keynote speaker, said “You can have it all-you just can’t have it all at once”. It resonated then, but means so much more now.

Although yes, you can leave home and everything will be fine-nothing will quell the ache in your heart from leaving your family. Likewise, if you’ve always been professionally put together, missing a deadline to take care of a sick kid will hurt your pride. These things go hand in hand yet aren’t discussed often.

And maybe they shouldn’t be. Maybe this is having it all…and that’s okay.


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