Look At Me From Samsung: Autistic Children Get a Window In

I was invited to an event a few weeks ago for the Look at Me project from Samsung. In conjunction with Autism Speaks, Samsung worked tirelessly to develop an ap that helped these children hone their skills to connect better with their loved ones.

Look At Me project samsung

Knowing a few autistic children over the years, I was interested to see the effects of this project. One of the most prominent cases of autism I recall is the daughter of a former boss. At the time of the job, I was 22. I remember my bosses daughter coming into work and although she was a lovely kid at 10, when she would have an episode I would think, “that looks challenging!”

After being at this event, I now know that autism is challenging yes, but it’s not a deficiency. it just requires a bit more time and patience.

In order to develop the ap, Samsung chose 200 families across Canada with autistic children. These were the real life test families with whom Samsung could gain real time feedback.

One of the families was the Ferraro family.

Look at me project samsung

Fi has three children, all of whom have autism. Fi has come to know over the years that she doesn’t expect a hug from her kids, she knows she will never get a surprise on Mother’s Day. But by utilizing the ap that requires her children to engage with other people and focus for longer than normal, this past Mother’s Day she got a surprise:)

Her kids, of their own accord, asked her husband if they could make mom breakfast for Mother’s Day. Her children, who had never made the connection before-did. The Samsung ap let Fi connect with her kids in a way she never has. Try not crying over that one.

In fact here’s a clip of how this ap helped another family Get your tissues ready!


As a mom now, I can only imagine how hard it would be to watch your child who you love more than life not be able to connect with you. How this person who all you want to do is help, will sometimes not want you anywhere near. This ap allows that connection to happen and it’s free from the Google Play store and compatible with all Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung was nice enough to let us leave the event with the new Samsung Tab S. I tried the Look at Me ap at home, and it was pretty fun:) So for a child, I assume it’s great! If you know an autistic child or someone with an autistic child, let them know about this ap. It really is changing the way people behave.

This conversation can be followed on Twitter through #LookatMe with @SamsungCanada and @AutismSpeaksCAN.

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