Luzern Oxygen Facial From Holt Renfrew – It’s Worth It

I feel like the song Everyday I’m Hustlin’ is the theme song for my life right now. Not even kidding a little bit. 

Between trying to get the Canadian Division of a American company off the ground (press release here), trying to keep my kid alive and well, and trying to stay healthy (i’ve been whallopped by 3 count em’ 3 bouts of sickness in the last few weeks!) I’m hustlin’ every-single-day. 

So trying to find a minute for myself is tough. When Holt Renfrew Salon and Spa reached out and asked if I wanted to try out their new Luzern Oxygen Facial-I jumped at the chance. This skin hadn’t seen a facial since well before being pregnant which is going on 2+ years! I could use a tune up.

Holt Renfrew Salon and Spa

I headed to Holts Spa last Thursday, put on the robe and sat down. Just being alone in quiet was glorious:) After I sat for a moment with me tea, I was ushered into my room. Asking for some insight on the products before they were used on my face, I found out the Luzern line is based out of Switzerland. In Switzerland they are close to the Alps and use the plant extracts and pure water from this beautiful landmark to create their products. The oxygen facial involved using a series of Luzern products and finishing with blasts of pure oxygen to stimulate the lower layer of your skin to  take in all the benefits of the natural ingredients. I’ve been using organic skincare for a while now on my skin so was thrilled to get my facial underway.

Luzern Skincare

In 55 minutes the facial was over. It was incredibly relaxing and luxurious. As you do with most facials, I didn’t see a difference right away but today, 5 days after this facial I can honestly say my skin looks great. My pores are smaller and the unevenness of my skin tone seems to have diminished quite a bit. I would go back for this facial again 100%.

Pure Beauty Salons and Spas are offering a $20 off offer right now if you go before September 20 (this Sunday). This facial is regularly $225 for 60 minutes and $145 for 30 minutes. If you can make the time and spare the bucks then treat yourself. This was totally worth it; my make up is going on smoother, I look more awake, and it was just nice to have a relaxing hour facial!

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