MagnetTree Books: A Perfect Gift For Kids With Relatives Oversea’s

Globalization is all around us.

Travel and you’ll find the same stuff in cities everywhere. Jobs take people across ocean’s, marriages move people over equator lines and through all of this, families stay in touch.

Personally, I only have family in the U.S and Europe but I know others who’s family stretch multiple countries. So how, when everyone is so far do you stay in touch?

There’s Skype, frequent plane trips and the constant e-mail. All of this works well for adults but what about kid’s? If your kid has important family over seas-how are they supposed to stay in touch?

A friend of mine had this very problem. Her little boy (only 1 years old) has family across the globe. Wanting to ensure her child’s aunts and uncle stayed top of mind, she developed MagneTree Books.

Magnetree Books


The concept is that it’s a bedtime story but with personalized magnets. The book comes in a boy and girl version so your child can identify with the main character more easily. The first story by MagneTree Books is titled “Meet Me in Zzzz…” and is centred on the main child character who meets different family members in his/her dreams. Since the photos are printed on magnets, your kid can move the magnets from page to page and experience different stories with different family members. Tada! Long lost relatives are not so lost at all:)

MagneTree is hosting a kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000. You can see their link here. If you have a kid, or a kid in your life this is a great gift!


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