Making the Most of #MyWeekend with Ford!

Guest post by Maddie Monroe

As a young professional living in the downtown area, there is absolutely no way I can afford a luxury car. Nor, for the most part, do I need one. Every so often, however, there’s an occasion when I could really use some wheels. Enter Ford Canada.

A few weeks ago, I got to participate in Ford’s #MyWeekend program, which meant that for three fabulous days, I got to drive around in a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Now, I’m not normally excited by automobile features, but this car was seriously cool. The special features made all my errands so much easier, and made travelling a breeze.
Here are some of my favourite things about this ride:
  • I was able to cart a huge amount of stuff in the MKZ’s very spacious trunk, meaning I could take my 8 garbage bags full of old clothes to a donation bin in one trip! The next day, I filled up the trunk with work supplies and drove the whole batch over to my new location in a snap. These two errands made me very thankful to have features like the Active Park Assist, the rear camera, and the one-button automatic trunk closure. In fact, the one-button automatic trunk closure meant that I could fill my arms up with stuff and still close the trunk just by pushing a button on the remote (so cool).
Ford Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
The trunk all full
Ford Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Myself-very excited about this trunk situation
  • One of my best friends had a wedding reception in Ottawa the weekend I had the car, so instead of dealing with Via Rail or Greyhound, I decided to drive. And I’m so glad I did. Firstly, the mileage was fantastic: I went from Toronto to Ottawa on less than one tank of gas! Secondly, features like Adaptive Cruise Control really came in handy during the 4-hour drive, since it made it easy to adjust the cruise control up or down a few kilometres without having to reset. That made me feel much safer on the busy highway, and I arrived at the reception feeling relaxed and ready to celebrate, rather than stressed and tired out from travel.
  • Whether driving in the city or on the highway, I loved the Blind Spot Information System. A small amber light that illuminates in the side view mirror when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot. The accompanying Cross-traffic Alert meant that all sides of the car were protected at all times, and I was visibly and audibly warned whenever a vehicle was approaching within 14m of the car. A much-needed feature in our pedestrian- and cyclist-heavy city!
In terms of the look of the MKZ, I don’t have to mince words: the car is sexy. Sleek detailing, leather seats, touch-screen navigation and information system in the dash… All fabulously posh.
All in all, I can’t believe how much I enjoyed driving around the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, and how much fun I was able to have with it! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that if and when I do decide to buy a car, I’ll be looking into getting one of these gems. Thanks, Ford Canada, for helping me to make the most out of #MyWeekend!

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