McDonald’s Salad Society Deliver’s

McDonald’s is not my first choice when I’m looking for fast healthy food.

Egg McMuffins? Certainly. A Big Mac-yes. But healthy? Not so much.

So it came as a huge surprise when McDonald’s showed up at my house yesterday with a salad. McDonald’s had contacted me and asked if they could drop something off. I figured it would be a mid-day burger which was totally cool with me! But when I opened the door and, a greek salad (full of kale and grilled chicken) greeted me, I was a bit taken aback. Of course, they timed it perfectly. I was literally just rifling in  my fridge for something to eat.

I dressed the salad, shook it up, and took a bite.

McDonald's Salad Society
I’m Greeking-Out

It was freakin’ delicious! Seriously. I really couldn’t believe it was from McDonald’s. Turns out in the wake of everything healthy, McDonald’s is shaking things up. As of May 7, they’ve added three new salads.

  1. I’m Greeking-out
  2. Keep Calm, Caesar On
  3. Head Over Harvest

As most people live their lives on the go it’s good to know these healthy salads are an option. I’m certainly going to order this again when out!


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