Monday Musings – Controlling Spending and When We’re not in This Together

In an effort to get back to writing, I am looking for structure. I know I want to cover finance, professionalism and things like that but there does need to be some kind of structure to it all- or else what’s the point? With that, I’ve decided to make Monday’s about weekend musings.

Conversations had, fleeting thoughts and active actions and re-actions. The hope is that these musing will help guide what we’ll talk about during the week. Heck (people say that still right?) if you’re so inclined, let me know what you want to hear about and those musings can guide our discussion.

Today’s Monday musings consist of:

  • When your job and your life don’t match. Growing up in an arts community, many of the people I am closest to are incredibly good at knowing who they are first and picking a job that suits their life – not the other way around. I have been so lucky to find a profession which lets me blend my work life and personal life seamlessly so this person is always one in the same. But what do you do, when you’ve let your job build you into the person you’ve become? What if you’re not that person? What if you lose that job that was your identity? Who do you become then?
  • Why do I love these pyjama’s from the Gap so much? Like seriously, the only thing amazing about them is they have a matching eye mask and that’s done me in! I feel like I need to own multiples of these so my eye mask always matches!
  • Controlling frivolous spending – further to my point above, how do you control frivolous spending?I don’t need multiple pairs of these pyjama’s from the Gap but I want them. Where does need end and want take over? I have huge life debts I’m trying to pay back right now (a mortgage to be exact) so the extra money I have to buy jammies could go towards that…but it seems like such a small amount….
  • When Are We Not In This All Together? A friend mentioned that there seems to be a pervasive sentiment amongst moms right now that something along the lines of “we’re just doing what we can to get by” and “You’re just doing your best” but when is that not enough? When have you used that card too many times? At what point is it not funny anymore when your kid is a S#*t or your home is falling apart?
  • When Can We Stop Hearing About the Capsule Wardrobe? Really, it’s gotta stop. it’s just gotta stop. If I see one more pin about a capsule wardrobe I’m going to lose it
  • Why is Kahluha in coffee with extra milk so damn good?
  • How Do You Make Time to Think? If you’re going to manage your career, and make a conscious effort to be present in your life, then how and when, with small young children do you make the time to think? When do you make time to examine and re-affirm what you’re doing is in fact what you want and should be doing?
  • How Often Should One Review a Budget?
  • At What Point do you stop giving into the clamours from your kids to “lay with them for just 2 minutes”? If you do want to take and active part in your life then at some point you need space to think-what should you let go so you have the space to think?
  • How much is too much online? A colleague of mine mentioned her friend was working on a project that involves the dark web. This is the awful parts of the web you do not want to know about nor do you want to go to. So if you’re feeding the web with images of your life and children, how much is too much? When should it stop?
  • The 2-3 year career jump – It’s a thing but does it have to be? Why in today’s world are we in such a hurry to jump from place to place? At what point does it become 5+ years?
  • In praise of long form content? All the stats say we now consume more video than ever but what if I don’t want to watch a video? What if I prefer to read my news and research? How does that translate in work, managing people and life in general?

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