Monday Musings – How Do You Stay Motivated? How Do You Make New Friends?

Good day lovelies! Welcome to the week, I hope you had a great weekend!

Today’s Monday Musings include:

What To Do With Your Kids When it Gets Cold: I don’t know about you but my 3 year old does not do well inside for extended periods of time. So what do you do when the weather gets cold? Considering we live in Canada and it’s cold for a hell of a long time, I would love any and all ideas!

How Do You Navigate Friendships with Other Moms: Becoming a mom is one of the greatest life shifts there are. If you look back, there are periods in your life where you makeĀ friends- high school, university, your first job but after that-making friends is tough…until you have kids. Then all of a sudden you’re in this new stage and you’ve got to make some new friends. Luckily, I have some stellar mom friends so I don’t realize how hard it is to make new friends until I am forced into the situation.

How Much Should You Be Paying For Childcare: Living in Toronto childcare is astronomical. So Where do you bend and where do you break? What kind of investment should you be making into childcare?

How to You keep Your Motivation Up: When everything is running smoothly, it’s easy to espouse keeping up the daily routine, but when things fall off the radar (AKA you break your site) how do you get back? How-when you have a million balls to juggle – work, life, spouse, children, fitness, hobbies – how do you keep all the balls in air?

Those are just a few of the fleeting thoughts I had this weekend-hopefully this week, I’ll be able to expand on some of the above!

Have a great week!


4 Comments on “Monday Musings – How Do You Stay Motivated? How Do You Make New Friends?”

  1. I love this! So many topics.

    My kids are much older but I have the same problem in the cooler months. I usually take them to the mall, indoor playgrounds and even the library.

    As for mom friends, I have a fantastic group of friends who I have literally grownup with. We have been through lots and they are all now moms. I feel so lucky to have them.

    1. Thanks Lat! So many things go through my head on the weekends so it’s nice to have a place to jot it all down!

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