Monday Musings – When Should You Start Investing and What’s So Different About 2 Kids?

This weekend was family filled. I always feel like by November I’m generally just in this race to get to Christmas. The nice thing is with 2 kiddos, Christmas is finally about the spirit:) We’ve started watching Christmas movies and it’s all I can do to not decorate just yet….So what was on the brain and in conversations this weekend?

It Takes a Village: A friend of mine was out of town this weekend and her husband had the two kids. Yes, her mother was also there to help out but because of the neighbourhood I live in where everyone is very close, all of us jumped in to help these guys out. As I was relaying this with some of my friends, it came to my attention that alot of people don’t have a village. So in the instances where you don’t have a village, how do you manage all you have to do? How do you maintain your sanity?

How Do You Reign In Spending: I like to think I’m a fairly frugal person. I like to save but it came to my attention this weekend, that although I have an automatic saving deduction happening – I don’t think it’s enough. If you’re supposed to be saving 10%-20% of every paycheck, and I have a flat amount being deducted, I think I should change my savings habits. But how do I do that? How do I make peace with that fact that at this time, with two little lids when spending is high – I may not have as much disposable income?

What The Toughest Part About Having 2 Kids and Being a Professional: A friend posed this question to a group of us an all of us had different answers…

At What Point Do You Start “Investing”: Knowing I’m of the generation that will not suffice on CPP alone when I get to retirement, how do I structure my savings so myself and my family are covered when I get there? What do I do? And when does this magic time kick in when I’m supposed to be making all of these brilliant investments?

As you can see there were lots of thoughts and conversations had this weekend. In between going to the zoo and watching some Christmas movies:)


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