How Much Me Time is Enough?

In an effort to balance my life I made that pinwheel a few weeks ago. As silly as it was, it has totally helped me hone in on what needs to be done/can be done within my week.

I find I’m less stressed about spending time with Savvy Sidekick. I’m actually making time to blog again and I don’t feel guilty at all for jumping out for manicures when needed:)

Which brings me to what this post is all about. How much me time is enough? Also what constitutes me time?

If you read any media aimed at working women you will no doubt find some post somewhere that’s about finding me time. Carving out me time so you don’t feel overwhelmed etc.

Me Time

If I go back to my pinwheel, I’ve carved out about 8 hours a week for me time which is approximatley an hour a day. Much of that time is spent running or doing yoga but it’s my time none the less. However, I would argue that working and wife time also constitute “me” time.

Because we have a kid under 3 much of Savvy Sidekick and my time is spent doing nothing. We’re so tried by the end of the day, we throw on whatever we’re binge watching on Netflix at the moment and sit there. We talk to people all day that we don’t want to talk by days end…we just are…and it’s great. I also constitute that as me time-lot of me time.

Also, I love my job. Yes it’s demanding, but it gives me a sense of purpose and direction-things I definitely need to feel whole. So I would also constitute that as part of me time.

Which brings me back to my original question, how much me time is enough and what really constitutes me time?

The answer?

It’s different for everyone. Although some may need time away from all distractions, others may need time to meditate, run or get a facial. Personally, my life is pretty well crafted around what I love so I don’t often feel the need to escape. As such, a few hours of me time work wonders for me weekly. A run, a yoga class and some time to write make Tiffany a very happy girl.

How much me time are you taking? What do you do? I would love to hear!


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