Pampers Unveils the Easy Up- Just in Time for Potty Training

My son is just over 2 so potty training, it’s right around the corner. And I have to say-I’m not psyched. I mean really who would be? Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having a fully capable little human on the other end but having to find bathrooms at a moment notice, I’m kinda dreading.

So when Pampers invited me to their new Easy Up demonstration I needed to go. I need all the help I can get.

For starters, I learned there are a few tips I should adhere to to make this whole process a little more seamless:

  1. Wait for the signs they’re ready. From friends of mine who have trained their kids, they have told me their kid will run behind a table to go to the bathroom or get you to look away. The idea of wanting to do this in private is the first sign you can start
  2. Make it fun. Again, many friends of mine have worked with their kids to make potty training an awesome experience. I like clapping and cheering so I think I’ll be able to handle this one
  3. Reward the behaviour. I’ve seen sticker charts and dollar store prizes for going to the bathroom. I like a good reward so I am totally going to use this one
  4. Use training pants because there will be accidents. Of course, try as you may-unless you want your little one running around without pants on for a week. There will be accidents. This is where these Easy Ups come into play

Pampers Easy Ups

Many people say diapers confuse kids when they’re potty training but I got to see the Pampers Easy Ups up close and they do look and feel like underwear. For starters,

  • There are no tabs, it just pulls up and off. Your kid can get used to pulling them up and down but when you need to get it off, you can rip the sides
  • They are breathable. Unlike other diapers tat work to keep everything in, these are breathable like underwear so your kid will feel like they’re still wearing cloth

Things I never thought I’d say?

~I am pretty excited about these diapers~

But I really am and will keep you posted on how the training goes…when it goes…

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