Renovations in Toronto: It Begins – Part 1

Last week, we started renovations in Toronto on our home!

Of course, the first step was packing and emptying our house so work could begin. In order to store everything, savvysidekick built a shed in our backyard. I thought he was crazy at first but it’s turned out to be a great idea as we’re able to access everything very easily.

Once everything was moved, we could begin renovations. Last Monday, our contractor showed up to start demolition on the interior of our home. With savvy sidekick’s help- the inside of our house was gone in 1 week!

Renovations in Toronto
What was the main floor…that’s me in the background:)
Renovations in Toronto
What was the half second story…
Renovations in Toronto
Stairs that are going!

With the interior done, it was time to rip off the roof. So yesterday, Big Ben’s Demo crew showed up to tear the roof off our house. In one day they did this…

Renovations in Toronto
In the morning…
Renovations in Toronto
5 hours later…

Big Ben is amazing at demolition so if you’re ever looking to demo anything or get rid of alot of junk…Big Ben is your guy

Renovations in Toronto
Big Ben’s demolition service Toronto

Between our contractor and our demo crew-these guys are moving along so fast I really don’t know what they’ll be up to today. The next logical step is that the framers need to come and actually build our second story but that may not happen until next week!

In the meantime, up to this point I have learned quite a bit on what to look for in good contractors, how to negotiate the city approvals process and finally what it takes to actually get renovations in Toronto moving! But that’s a whole post for another day.

For now…look at this totally gross mummified rat we found in our walls!?! It’s somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20-30 years old. How gross is that!

Renovations in Toronto
Mummified rat…so gross!


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