Retail Me Not #spendtosave And GIveway of $100!

Although my kid is not yet going back to school, there is still something in the air in September that means a fresh start. Summer’s over and everyone gets a bit more serious knowing it’s time to “buckle down”. In this household, that meant going through the little guys clothes to see what he’s grown out of and what we can make use of. As most kids do, mine grows like a weed and so clothes we used last year are absolutely not going to fit this year! This meant I had to shop, and fast. I honestly didn’t even have a pair of pants that fit him!

In store shopping is not an option with everything going on in my life so online shopping is my lifeblood.  The more I can do online the better. I literally get paper towel and dog food delivered bi-weekly…such is my life…

When shopping online, I always look for deals and one of the places I check out prior to shopping is Retail Me Not. They update their coupons regularly and their deals are savvy enough that when combined with a store specific deal, you can save quite a bit. Knowing I had to buy kids clothes, I checked out Carters and Retail Me Not had a $20 off any purchase over $75. At and they were also have a door-crasher and clearance sale so I combined my shopping to buy multiple (clearance) shirts for the little guy as well as 5 pairs of pants which all in all came to $75. Minus the $20 and I’d spent $55. I still qualified for free shipping over $50 and my sons legs aren’t going to freeze. Mom win.

Since I was shopping, I went to The Bay (Because I follow far too many fashion Instagram accounts and always feel like a tool for not dressing better) and I bought a pair of faux leather leggings and fur vest. Between both and my $20 off any purchase over $100 I ended up spending $110. Not bad when you consider the fur vest was 50% off and the clothes are getting delivered to my house!

Knowing I love to shop online, Retail Me Not was kind enough to give me a$100 gift card to give to you to shop online! All you need to do is like this post on FB and we’ll pull the winner on Friday!

Retail me Not

Happy Shopping!

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