Samsung Chef Collection: Induction Stove Review

Renovating the house meant all new appliances. Having worked with Samsung before I reached out to them and they were kind enough to give us a great deal on all our appliances. As a thank you to them, I’ll be writing a series of posts on the various appliances.

If you like to cook and entertain, your stove is a key appliance. Knowing savvy sidekick and I both enjoyed cooking but had limited counter space, we thought an electric stove might be good as the glass top, when not in use, could function as counter space. We spoke to Samsung and they introduced us to induction cooking. Having never heard of it before we were hesitant but Samsung sold us on it and now we’re the proud owners of an induction stove.

The key difference with induction is that it works with your pots and pans by heating up the magnet base of your cookware. Obviously though, this means there are only certain pots and pans that work with induction. The key to pots and pans working is the magnetic pull must be strong enough.  The only way to test this is to put a magnet on the bottom of your pan but also on the inside bottom of your pan. At first, we only put the magnet on the bottom of the pan and didn’t get a true read on how strong the magnets were. As such, we ended up having to donate a few really nice pots and pans just because they didn’t work.

We’ve been using this stove for a while now including hosting Christmas and Easter for 20 people. Given that, plus a whole bunch of regular cooking nights, I feel like I have a good basis to list out the pros and cons of this stove!

Samsung Chef Collection Induction Stove
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A few pros about induction cooking:

  • A perfect distribution of heat on your cooking surface
  • Boiling water takes less than a minute
  • The glass top cools quickly allowing for extra counter space in a smaller kitchen

A few cons about induction cooking:

  • You must have the right pots and pans so be sure to test what you already have before buying induction
  • You can’t heat something up at the same temperature on one side. So two pots on the left cannot both be boiling, one must be on a different setting than the other

In order to clean the stove well, don’t use an abrasive sponge. We’ve found the Wieman cooktop cleaner to be best. Finally, once we got the hang of it, induction certainly works best for us. Being able to heat up water or food in an instant totally comes in handy when you’re starving or dealing with a hungry toddler!

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