Samsung Galaxy 5 Review: Why I Left iPhone

As of last week, my iPhone had cracked so badly that my finger was getting cut every time I tried to scroll. Something needed to be done.

Having repaired my screen a year ago I knew where to go, but in the last year-the light has dimmed on Apple…at least for me. For as long as I can remember I’ve been part of the Apple club. Between my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and iPod I didn’t think there was anything outside of Apple. I loved how all the devices worked together and how easy the whole user interface was.

Until it wasn’t.

Last year in April I tested out the Samsung Tablet. Obviously at first, it was a bit tricky as I was used to my iWorld. But after a few days, I started to get the hang of how to manipulate aps, clean up my screen and communicate. I continued using the Tablet all through 2014 for reading, e-mailing and media consumption.  As I drifted farther and farther away from the iUniverse I couldn’t believe how intuitive the Samsung Tablet was.

So, when it came time to replace my phone last week, I knew where I was going. I picked up my Galaxy 5 at the promo price of $200 (as my iPhone contract was already up).  I input my gmail and immediately, all of my calendars and e-mails were synched. The Android ap world let me download the items I needed (Banking, entertainment, shopping) and I was on my way.

The only hiccup I had was I was not receiving text messages from friends of mine with iPhones. When I dug a bit deeper, it turns out this is a huge lawsuit Apple is facing. When iPhone users text they go through iMessage. These messages are stored in iCloud If you move from an iPhone to an Android device, you need to not only deregister your phone with your service provider (ie: Telus-they do this when you buy a new phone) but also deregister with Apple!?! (This is not something the service provider does).

In order to deregister with Apple, I had to sign online and jump through hoops! Finally, after an hour of trying to get my friends text messages, I was free of the Apple universe.

Having had the Galaxy S5 for a week, I’m loving it. Because savvysidekick is also an Android user, we’re able to easily sync our calendars, utilize the same Aps and frankly-it’s just incredibly intuitive and quick. The things I like best about the phone are the camera, social media usage and keyboard not to mention the fact that this phone is water resistant! You can drop it in water and as long as it doesn’t stay there for too long, you’re still good to go!

If you’re thinking of making the leap from an iPhone to the Samsung universe, I strongly suggest you do. It’s easier, cheaper and more intuitive than you ever knew!

*This post is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Samsung.

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