Samsung Review: Microwave and Waterwall Dishwasher

Renovating the house meant all new appliances. Having worked with Samsung before I reached out to them and they were kind enough to give us a great deal on all our appliances. As a thank you to them, I’ll be writing a series of posts on the various appliances.

When I ordered the Samsung microwave I was looking for what most people look for in a microwave, something that heats up my food. Nothing more nothing less. Maybe I’d just never had a fancy one but I had no idea microwaves did all of this:

  • Gives you the option to pre-select items like
    • Dinner plate
    • Popcorn
    • Baked potato
  • Defrosts like a champ-you just choose what you want to defrost and according to weight it will give you the right amount of time. And it actually defrosts!!!
  • Has tiers so you can heat up multiple plates of food at once

 I honestly don’t have a negative thing to say about this microwave. It’s been a lifesaver and it’s fantastic!

Samsung Microwave Review

Moving on, of course everything that I use in the kitchen eventually has to be cleaned and so into the dishwasher it goes.

Having used many dishwashers in my day, I thought I knew the ins and outs. But Samsung has upped the game. They’ve developed something called “water wall” technology. In most dishwashers, the middle spear shoots water out of multiple spots to clean dishes from the middle out. This means that if you place something in the wrong spot, it can get hit and knocked a bunch whist the spears are spinning. With water wall, the water shoots up from the bottom in walls of water…get it:)

Samsung Dishwasher Review

Samsung Dishwasher Review

This means:

  • There’s nothing in the middle that can get hit or I’m trying to avoid
  • Racks and tiers within the machine are adjustable so you don’t just need to put plates in one spot and glasses in another
  • You can fit platters, wine glasses, just depending on what you need to wash
  • The top level is a pull out malleable rack, perfect for large serving spoons, or weird kitchen items like whisk, or beaters

Samsung Dishwasher Review


Samsung suggests you use dishwashing powder with this machine but tablets have served us just fine. Both of these items, my Samsung Microwave and Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher have proved to be fantastic. If you’re looking for new appliances, I highly suggest these!

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