Marilyn Denis: Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Yesterday, we did an episode on Marilyn Denis about grocery shopping on a budget. I was shopping against the Extreme Coupon Mom Aimee Geroux.

Turns out, I was the underdog:)

The challenge was to plan a dinner party for 6 people on a budget of $50. Knowing I was going up against the Extreme Coupon Mom, there was no way I was going to win with coupons so I had to do some research.

  • First, I checked out the best food deals for that week and planned my meals around the specials
  • Second, because I knew I was shopping at Real Canadian Super Store, I looked through all the flyers and found the best deals available that week. I then took them to RCSS and price matched the majority of my shop. This brought the price down by 50%.
  • Finally, I  used my PC points, to bring my total down even further
  • And lastly, I had a few coupons to help me buy my final items

You can check out the episode here to see how I did:)

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