Sick Mom Hacks

I’ve been sick the past few days. And for a mom to admit she’s sick – you gotta be real sick.

I’m not a martyr by any means – I’ve been trying to get my rest and do all the things you’re supposed to do when you’re sick but with a toddler and baby – rest seems hard to come by. That being said, because I haven’t been sick in a while it took me longer than normal to figure out how to get better. Here are my sick mom hacks:

  • Figure out your meds – It feels like there are a million cold medications out there. I’ve tried them all – some, no joke have me seeing alligators in my house…trippy. It took alot of trial and error but I finally landed on Sudafed. It seems to be the only medication that clears me up without feeling like I’m strung out. Also, I’m not doctor but mine has said Sudfed is fine for breastfeeding moms- so I’ll take it.
  • Don’t be a hero – When I started not to feel well, I should have just called it in. But there were things to do so I still took B to swim class and visited family. As a mom of youngin’s, knowing rest is already hard to come by I should have called it in immediately. Lesson learned!
  • Hot Toddy’s – After a few days of Sudafed I was looking for another cure. The hubs made me a Hot Toddy’s and I swear that thing helped me turn the corner. We just made the basic lemon, honey, hot water and whisky; but the heat, the coating of the throat by the honey and being knocked out by whisky certainly helped me rest.
  • Have a Flexible Job – Now I know I am lucky in this, but I have an incredibly flexible job that can be done in the office, at home, or on the go. I’m a firm believe that if you’re sick, you should not be infecting your colleagues. Stay home – no one likes to get sick!
  • Call in reinforcements – Again,  I realize I am lucky in this one in that our kids grandparents live very close by. On day 3 of being sick I realized I wasn’t getting much better and couldn’t figure out why. Then it dawned on me – consistent sleep. That is something I was not getting with the 2am feed for baby Ace. So I called my mom and she came to stay for 2 nights. I slept for 10+ hours both night and on day 5 finally feel like a new person! If you don’t have grandparent’s nearby, pass off the 2am feed to your partner or if you can afford it, call a night nurse. Do whatever you can to get that sleep!

Those are my sick mom hacks. I wish you never get sick but if you do…don’t be a hero and call in reinforcements. Stat!


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