It’s Been a While – A Guide for Working Moms

    It’s been a while my friends. Quite a while. I have been purposely absent because I have been doing alot of thinking. I recently had my second kid. And I love her just as much as the...

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  • How busy moms can save more time
    How Busy Moms Can Save More Time

    With one kid, another on the way (yes you heard that right) a full time career and the goal of not losing myself in the process, I am constantly looking for ways to save more time. I’ve...

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  • What I wish I knew before baby
    What I Wish I Knew Before Baby…

    It’s spring and with spring comes ALOT of babies. I mean alot of babies. I personally know of 8 babies that have been since April -and those are people I consider friends, not even the off – shoots. Many...

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  • How to Plan Your RRSP Contribution
    How to Plan Your RRSP Contributions

    It’s almost that time of year again. Tax time! For those of you who have read this blog for a while, you know tax time is actually my favourite time of year. The OCD in me loves the...

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  • Me time
    How Much Me Time is Enough?

    In an effort to balance my life I made that pinwheel a few weeks ago. As silly as it was, it has totally helped me hone in on what needs to be done/can be done within my week....

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