#Thanksbaby from Pampers – Something for the Dad’s

With Father’s Day upon us I’m fairly reflective given that I actually have a kid now.

When I was younger my mom used to lament that she was fun too just like my dad. She was spontaneous and exciting and all that other stuff. As much as she tried to convince us, it just didn’t fit. Dad was for days at the movies, balls at the driving range and stories at bedtime. Mom on the other had was for getting the cupcakes ready for my birthday party, signing school forms and making sure all of us had clothes for school.

It’s funny how your perspective changes.

My kids is 11 months now and can say a few words. Mom, Dad, hi. But “mom” is generally only said when the kid is in distress. Exhibit A: Kid is sleepy and he starts with the “mamamamamamama” while he rubs his eyes. On the other hand, when he’s having fun-it’s all “dad! dadadadadadadad”. Even at this young of an age it’s like he knows moms are for comfort, dads are for fun.

To celebrate fun dad’s everywhere, Pampers put this video together. I hope you enjoy it:)

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