The Best Coupon Aps in Canada

Guest post by Maddie Monroe

A few weeks ago, I watched an old episode of Extreme Couponing. The reality show followed “Extreme Couponers” in the States as they racked up huge stockpiles of grocery and pharmacy items – and even larger savings – by spending hours clipping coupons and taking advantage of high-value store deals.

I watched the show with the full intention of mocking the participants. What really happened though is I became convinced I should be saving money too! After some research, I found out that couponing in Canada is not as profitable as it is in the States. But, there are still some quick and easy ways to help monitor your grocery lists, keep track of savings, and even get money back in the mail!

The best coupon aps in Canada all operate on roughly the same premise: each app lists weekly special items with a certain “cash back” value. You purchase the items anytime during that week at your favourite store (seriously – anywhere), take a pic of the receipt, upload it to the app and bingo! The stated cash back value is added to your account. Once you reach a certain amount (varies by app), you get a cheque in the mail!

Occasionally the apps will have overlapping deals, and often stores will have participating items marked down as well. This means you can buy the item on sale, then upload your receipt photo to each app and get money back several times for the same item! I like to call this the jackpot. 🙂 I know Tiffany has bought a dinner’s party worth of food for under $50 using these aps!

  • Offers updated on Monday
  • Must have an account value of $5 to “cash out” to a PayPal account


  • Offers updated on Wednesday
  • Must have account value of $20 before you can request a cheque

 Checkout 51

  • Offers updated on Thursday
  • Must have account value of $20 before you can request a cheque

Snap by Groupon

  • Offers updated periodically (they often stay until a maximum number of redemptions has been reached, which can take a few weeks)
  • Must have account value of $20 before you can request a cheque

So there you have it! With just a few scans of a card or swipes of a smartphone, you could be on your way to some killer savings.

Happy Couponing!

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