The Best of Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles, or “Roncy” to those who frequent it, know it for its offbeat vibe. Even as more families move in, it continues to keep it’s authentic cool. Here are a few of our favourite spots to drop in.

Hugh’s Room
261 Dundas West
Doors open at 7, music at 8:30, oh and don’t forget to turn off your cell. When you’re in Hugh’s Room, you’re in one of Canada’s temple of folk/blues music. Ask anyone who’s been there, watched a show there or played there and they’ll tell you-there’s no other experience like it. Nobody’s live sharing a Hugh’s Room performance…and that’s just how they like it.

Extra Butter
283 Roncesvalles Ave
They make great coffee and as their namesakes says, they make great butter croissants. Additionally, unlike some coffee spots which are too small to fit 2 people side by side, Extra Butter has loads of space to spread out with your laptop and work for hours. 

The Local
341 Roncesvalles
One of the Roncy staples, The Local serves up awesome food, kitchy décor, and live music every night. There really no way to not love this place if you love a casual evening out with no pretense.

394 Roncesvalles
Need an of-beat outfit for your night in Roncy? Look no further than Damzels. A staple in Leslieville for over 15 years, Damzels recently opened on the west end of the city on Roncesvalles. They carry multiple lines of vintage inspired dresses, swimsuits and accessories in addition to knick knacks and jewelry. A great stop to grab something for yourself or a friend! 

Gate 403
403 Roncesvalles Ave
If you want to go out in Roncy, not get too dressed up but still feel like you’re “out” Gate 403 is the perfect spot. It’s intimate, has an excellent wine list and is perfect for a laid back evening on the town.

Inter Steer
357 Roncesvalles Ave
So old school it’s come around again. This restaurant boast dark wood, a juke box, and vintage cocktails. The restaurant serves an array of Polish favourites (pieogies and potato wedges) and is great for a cheap beer and comfort food.

Loons Pub
416 Roncesvalles
Feeling a bit of Canadian tugging at the heart strings? Stop by Loons and dive into their poutine, nachos and other food that makes you feel like you’re cottaging. Plastic patio chairs dot the patio, so grab a pint and chill.

The Ace
231A Roncesvalles
Every hip neighborhood in Toronto has it’s requisite brunch spot and Roncesvalles is no exception. Recently opened, The Ace (Roncy’s hot spot for brunch) is set in a 1950’s diner. If you’re looking to eat there, be sure to build in a wait time of about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the time you arrive. However, the variety of food from Sunny Side duck eggs to the breakfast burrito is well worth the wait.

299 Roncesvalles
When Barque Smokehouse opened a few years ago there was much fanfare about the wings and ribs. Of course, this was when BBQ was all the rage in Toronto so who knew if Barque would stick around? Fast forward a few years and Barque is still going strong serving what they serve best, unpretentious delicious barbeque. Order some food, grab a pint, pull some napkins and enjoy.

145 Roncesvalles
Sangria, a favourite summer cocktail amongst many, this restaurant delivers on just that. With multiple varieties of Sangria, this restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy a pitcher with friends whilst people watching on the Roncesvalles patio.

Revue Cinema
400 Roncesvalles
One of the few of it’s kind in the city; Revue Cinema is a community based not-for-profit space. It’s been in the same local since 1912 so it’s worth the visit alone just for the throw back factor! Weekly, there are a variety of events happening from workshops to silent films, book reviews and community gatherings.

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