Traveling for Work – 5 tips on how to keep your life organized

In the last 6 weeks I’ve been in 3 cities. Literally hit the runway and take off, come home for a week, take off, come home for a week, take off, come home for a week…you get the drift.

When it was only me, traveling for work was fun. Being in sales, it meant when I was away, I was on and then I came home, to decompress, rest and relax. I even enjoyed packing as I got to embrace my inner OCD. I could lay out outfits, accessorize and pack according to what I would wear everyday I’d be gone.

Those days are gone. Traveling for work now with a little (under a year) one at home means everything needs to be button down and tight. If I want to maximize time with him and maximize my time away- things need to just run and run right. So how do you travel for work and keep it together? Here are the 5 tips I’ve found to keep your life organized:

  1. Get the Right carry-on: Before I started my travels I sought out the smallest carry-on I could find. Knowing airlines seem to change what constitutes a carry-on size often, I didn’t want to be stuck getting to the airport early to potentially check a bag when I could be spending time with my little fella. Enter the TravelPro 17″ carry-on exclusive to The Bay. This little guy is tiny but it easily packs a weeks worth of clothes, toiletries, and I have the smallest bag on the plane! It still fits when all the over-head compartments are full!

    Travel Pro 17" Carry On
    Travel Pro 17″ Carry On
  2. Keep Separate Travel Toiletries Packed: Instead of packing and unpacking my toiletries every time I travel, I have an entirely separate set devoted to traveling. It’s all travel sized, packed in a clear case and ready to go!
  3. Pack Light: I’ve always been a fan of minimalist dressing and never more so than now. I’ve edited my closet down, replaced what I needed and got it to a point where I can get dressed (showered, make-up, dressed) in under 7 minutes. When I leave for a week – I bring 2 pairs of bottoms, 6 tops, 1 dress and pajama’s. I wear one pair or shoes, bring another and voila-  everything fits in the carry-on with room to spare!
  4. Get Help At Home: With or without kids, traveling is hard on relationships. From a with kids perspective, if you can get help while you’e gone- get it. We have a nanny who runs the ship while I’m away. This way, the little babe’s schedule isn’t messed up chores still get done, and Savvy Sidekick doesn’t have to do double duty.
  5. Know Your Limits: Luckily, through everything I’ve still got great friends and fun opportunities coming via this blog. However, I also have a full time job, a hubs I’d like to see and an 11 month old who requires love. So sometimes, I just need to say no. No to awesome events, no to posting everyday, no to work that requires time away from my kid and my hubs. At the end of the day they’re the most important so knowing my limits is key.

If you’re traveling or looking to travel more soon, hopefully these tips will help you out!

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