Viamede Resort: The Perfect Weekend Get Away

This past weekend, I was invited to Viamede Resort to check out their new renovations and to kick of their summer of 2014.
Last year, Savvy Sidekick and I went to Viamede Resort with our dog and we had the best time. Given the present chaos in my life, when I got the invite, there was no way I was not going to go. I knew how relaxing this place was and I also knew I needed it…especially before baby comes and the house reno’s start.
I headed up sans savvy sidekick on Friday night and arrived at 8pm. Unfortunately there was some pretty terrible traffic but normally, the trip is no longer than 2 – 2.5 hours. Once there, I checked in my room
Viamede Resort
My home for 2 nights…
and then went straight to the Boat House Pub (the pub on premise) and ordered a burger. It wasn’t long before I was joined by all the other attendees and the weekend began. There was karaoke and shot glass Jenga…a great start to a weekend if you ask me?
Viamede Resort
Shot glass Jenga!
I headed back to my room when I was done with the fun and couldn’t resist hopping into the newly installed jet filled bathtub. This tub was imported from Quebec and had upwards of 30 mini jets. Seriously, this combined with the all natural bath products they staff left in the room was heaven!
Viamede Resort
The jet tub…


Viamede Resort
Combined with these organic bath products from the staff at Viamede made for my bliss

Saturday, started off with a traditional breakfast buffet. I don’t know what they do to their sausage and bacon up at Viamede Resort but it’s some of the best I’ve had so I helped myself to plenty knowing we had a fun day ahead. Following breakfast, myself and a few others headed out for frisbee golf.

Viamede Resort has 7km of hiking trails and they taken that space and made the premier frisbee golf course in Ontario! Seriously, people come from all over Ontario to compete on this course. Frisbee golf is basically the same rules as golf in that you have long distance holes where you need to throw a frisbee to try and get it into a basket/hole. Much like golf, there are all different kinds of frisbee’s depending on your shot. Long distance, chipping, short shot, etc. We played a few holes and when done, we retired to the balcony….for the whole day.
Viamede Resort
Valtorontogal And Zachbussey demonstrating the art of frisbee golf
Viamede Resort
Finishing up our game!

There’s something about a lake and a Muskoka chair that make you never want to leave. We set up shop on a balcony, had some cold drinks, and amassed all of the people who were up checking out the resort over the next few hours. What started a 3 people sitting on a balcony, by the end of the afternoon had turned into 10 people enjoying each others company and the beautiful sunshine.

Viamede Resort
And then there were 10
The night ended with a pig roast facilitated by the new executive chef, Kevin McKenna. Kevin has only been at Viamede Resort for 3 weeks but his extensive resume include stints at Globe and Earth restaurant in Toronto and being the head chef at Taboo in Muskoka. The food was excellent right down the cheese bread rolls!
Viamede Resort
Dinner for all courtesy of Kevin McKenna from Taboo Resort
I ended my evening with another soak in my jet tub and called it a night. A blissful evening to a blissful weekend.
Viamede Resort
All packed and ready to head home!
If you’re interested in staying at Viamede Resort this long weekend, booking start at $249 a night.  But Viamede has been so kind as to offer anyone who mentions this blog 10% off and a complimentary bottle of wine. All you need to do is call to book at 1-800-461-1946.

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