We’ve Changed

You may notice things look a bit different around here. You’re right. We’ve changed.

When I started this site 4 years ago, I had no idea where it or I would end up. It was merely a forum to talk about cheap food, drinks and places to go in Toronto.

Then life happened.

I sold the condo. Bought a house. Got married. Started a renovation. Had a baby. Finished a renovation.

And through all that, your still here.  I didn’t think all of those things would change me too much, but what did I know. They did.

Before I wanted to be everywhere, involved in everything and let you know about all of it.

Now I find myself googling “minamalism-insert-key-word-here” Minimalist decor, fashion, dining, make-up. You name it. All I want it it for it to be quick, inexpensive and efficient.

So to be honest, where we are today is not that different then where we started. I still like things inexpensive but now they need to be faster and easier. I don’t have the time to head out to multiple places merely to check them out. I have limited time and money and I want it spent well.

The site redesign, it’s a reflection of this new minimalist feeling. You’ll no longer find multiple menu items and widgets. The content is going to be under Glam (ie: makeup, fashion, wellness, exercise, going out), Home (Ie: decor, renovations, dining) or Money. The weekend guide will no longer be published because I found as of late, I had been stretching to fill content. With time being as busy as it is, my weekends are best spent with the people I love:)

Building on the effort to streamline the site, the hope is the content will be better too. After speaking to a friend I realized my passion for writing on this site had wained and I needed to get it back.  That’s another reason for the refresh. I was bored of looking at this site and frankly, if I was bored of looking at it, you certainly must have been bored reading it!

So that’s it. That’s why we’ve changed. Thanks for sticking with us. I think 2015 will be pretty stellar!

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