What You Really Need For Baby: A Minimalist Guide

Countdown is totally on.

Literally, next week I could have this kid. I have a 5 week window where he could show up and starting next week-the window is open. Yeehaw!

That being said, it’s also crunch time. As a planner and a minimalist, I’m having a hard time making sense of all the stuff that comes with babies. I mean seriously? What do you really need for a baby? Luckily, because we’re living in a much smaller space due to renovations, I don’t actually have space for alot of things. Hence, I’ve been forced to only hold onto a small amount of stuff.

For baby’s arrival I have the following:

The Graco Pack ‘n’ Play: This thing is like the transformers of baby stuff. It’s a pack ‘n’ play, no wait, it’s a change table, no wait, it’s a crib, no wait-it’s a bassinet! This piece was $250 from Toys ‘R’ Us and I think it’s a solid investment. Mainly because, babies when they’re born don’t actually need anything but a place to sleep, be changed, food and you. I figure this piece will last us for the first few months and by month 3 of this kids life, we should be back in our house where he can have his full nursery.

Graco Pack 'n' Play

Clothes: Considering babies grow so fast, I can’t see why anyone would spend alot of money on baby clothes. I have been lucky to get quite a few hand me downs from friends who have gone before me as well as a ton of very cute gifts from friends and family. That being said, planning to cloth your kid is like planning for a pitch without every seeing a brief. You have a vague idea of what you’re supposed to do but because you don’t have any details on this particular project (Mainly size, weight, temperament) you’re best bet is to get clothes in a variety of sizes and hope for the best. A friend of mine suggested sorting all of the various clothing sizes into boxes. That way when you bring the kid home from the hospital, you pull out the box that correlates to his size and voila-clothing!

Diaper Gear: Again-another thing you’re prepping for without knowing or seeing the end result. Friends have given me a variety of newborn diapers and I have some size 1’s. Basically-I’ll just wait and see the size of my kid. One of the most important items I was gifted though was the Diaper Genie. The thought behind this thing is it keeps the smell contained and diapers compact. I haven’t even used it and I’m already in love.

Diaper Genie

The Extras: Finally, I’ve got:

  • A super cute diaper bag from Oemi Baby: I love this company and their baby bags. No-they did not give this to me, I bought it as soon as I saw it I loved it that much. I think I have told at least 10 people to go buy this bag!
  • A Moby Wrap: Instead of a Baby Bjorn, friends advised me that the Moby Wrap is the way to go. I found one on Kijiji for $40 so I figure I’ll try it out and worst case scenario-it doesn’t work. I can sell it or just cut my losses.
  • A bath sponge: Instead of a bulky baby bathtub, I’ve heard using the newborn bath sponge is just great. This thing sits in your sink or tub, and you basically just sort of splash water up on your kid. For the $8 this cost me at Babies ‘R’ Us, I think it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Nursing Stuff: I don’t know how feeding is going to go for me but I figure I should be prepared just in case. I went to Target and purchased a few nursing bra’s for under $20. I’ve actually kept the tags on a few of them so that if it doesn’t work out, I can return them.

As a total spend, much of this gear and clothing has been gifts from friends, family or hand me downs. I think in total I have managed to spend maybe $100 on baby gear (this does not include maternity stuff). I feel like having less will allow me to see what the baby really likes, what I need and then buy things accordingly. I’m also hoping this wait and see method will allow me to not over-spend too much on items I will never use.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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