Where We Are and Where We’re Going

It’s taken me some time to figure out how balancing work, a baby, and this site is going to shake out. I don’t want to write terrible content just to put something out there but there is literally no way I can keep up with writing everyday. So, my compromise is I’m moving to once a week.


Once a week, I’ll post on Monday or Tuesday. Unless there is something that is so drastically amazing I just need to let you know-Monday or Tuesday will be the day.

We’ll continue to cover living on a budget, because frankly-that’s all we do! Our house still has projects that needs completing, but there is no budget allocated for these:) I needed to buy some clothes for my post baby bod, but there was no budget for that. Oh-and my kid eats man sized portions…already…and there was certainly no budget for that! Sooo… Yes! We’ll continue to talk about living on a budget because that’s just part of the DNA.

However, you’l likely see me start to dabble a bit more in some more work related posts. Mainly how to deal with professional travel, working from home, managing a meeting and things like that. Before I was able to keep separate my life and work. Now, with the nature of my business they completely¬†intersect. There is absolutely no way for me for me to separate the two and I love it! How lucky I am to work in a job that I love that¬†combines my hobbies with the work benefit of making the dollars! However, that means that it’s going to flow over into the blogosphere…

So stay tuned. We’ll chat about how to buy clothes in bulk, if Amazon Prime really is worth it, and where to find super comfortable yet beautiful shoes for under $150. There’s alot to cover here, I just wanted to keep you in the loop of where we are and where we’re going.


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